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It's over...

It's been only ten minutes since my friends left to go back to NY and I can already feel the overwhelming saddness rushing towards me. You see, my winter break wasn't just going to New York for a week, no, it was also some of my ny friends to come and see my new life down in FL. So once they left, my vacation is unofficially over. A part of me is dead for another three months and right now I'm not strong enough to handle it. I don't want to be in FL without them. All the times I have with those guys, good and bad. And it's just the little things too. No matter what time it was, I could ask Boccio if he wants to go have a cigarette with me, and I would have someone to talk to, even now thinking about it pains me to type it. Knowing that they are gone, and watching the car drive by knowing it's over is one of the most trying experiences. I want it to be March already, I mean, I'm not even going to be home for my Birthday. Well... that's that, it's over.
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