a wandering jew (loshbag85) wrote,
a wandering jew


ok.. well today started out not too shabby... got money from grandma and then she bought me clothes. but the real action started at night....

basically(short version):
i went to some kids house in washingtonville. I spent most of the night smoking cigs and drinking, while talking to boccio and 2 guys from the navy. Boccio and i where sitting outside the whole night (3 hrs) not bothering anyone. When the brother of the kid, who was throwing the party came out and give this one kid a hit of his weed. Ok he wanted to give him a hit, the kid took 2, fucked up but me and boccio had nothing to do with it. The guy started getting all pissed at me and boccio for laughing that he was getting upset that this kid took and extra hit. Alright, your mad, it's over, we didn't take the hit. The kid literally threatened boccio and I asking for our names and wanting us to leave. Stating that he's from the city, and we shouldn't be laughing. He gets really mad and wants to know our names, meanwhile me and boccio didn't think he was serious didn't say anything and continued to drink our drinks, by the way, it was dark out on the patio which me and boccio were sitting, so the kid goes into the kitchen and gets a knife. Threating us with the idea of stabbing us. OK, no one fucking threatens my friends. Secondly, no piece of shit threatens me. Boccio and I were sitting outside while josh lask, josh, and freddy, restrain the animal. Boccio and I take our leaves outside and walk toward ed's car. Boccio literally loses it and starts screaming in the middle of the road toward the house. He says that no one threatens his friend, come outside. What have you.

I mean this with all sincerty i've never thought about taking someone else's life. But, if G=d forbit someone hurt my friends, they're going down. I've never wished death upon anyone, seriously. But, this animal of a person needs some help ending a life which is oviously an abotion that should've been considered.

I apologize for using such strong language, but no one, and i mean no one, does that to my friends, family, or myself.

G-d Bless everyone.
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