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damn lab...

Well it seems to be the cool thing to do, to update after my lab... Ed had lab at 9pm and got out at 1am luckily I get a 1am lab to 5am(sarcasm). So, the lab sucked... it was on Microsoft excel and it was the dullest thing I've done with my life.

Thanksgiving however was great, I was able to get down to West Palm Beach area to visit my uncle and cousins. It was really great seeing all of them. I haven't seen them in about 3 years. They've all grown up so much since last time. Still, it's was nothing compared to being home in New York. I want some snow already. And these 50 degree nights aren't helping any.

I've had to reformat my hard drive so I lost all 2000 of my songs, and all my pics from HS. Which definitely blows. The song are replaceable but all the pics are not. I don't even know where I got most of them. So if anyone has any of the pics from MUN, or JR/SR proms I would like to get them. Well sitting in lab doesn't give me the ability to write everything I want to, so I'm going to update later.
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