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Home is just another word for you...

hey LJ... long time no talk... well my first month of school is done... and if i may say i kicked it's ass. Only 13 more months to go. This past month has flown by, and I'm so happy it's come and am actually a little sad it's gone. I've met so many amazing people in the past month. Friends that I feel like I didn't meet but lost touch with and have started talking with again. I left my life behind in New York and it seems like some of it has followed me. I'm so happy that I can continue to surround myself with the same types of people. I am finally feeling like I'm coming full circle. However, I am still far from complete. There is just a piece of the circle missing. And I cannot fill it by myself. I've come to a realization today, I've been alone for so long, that I feel controlled very easily. You know the feeling. Constricted, like you can't even take a drive without feeling like you shouldn't or can't. It's no one's fault by my own. And something I need to deal with myself. As usual. I can't wait for this month to be over. I'm coming home. Back to everything I gave up to be a little better off. My friends, and my family. Some of which are both. I miss you guys. All of you. I was right about one thing. That my friends are my foundation. Without them I wouldn't have made it to where I am today. I would be in a gutter face down. And for this I thank you all.

I'm going to try and update more often cause the escape of listening to music while typing is soothing.
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